8K video is finally coming to the DJI Ronin 4D. And while that is of course great news for DJI fans and those looking to try out shooting at such a high quality with such a trusted and helpful gimbal system, it of course comes with a price.

However, the big news is simply that the Ronin 4D-8K is going to feature the new DJI Zenmuse X9-8K gimbal camera and will be able to record 8K video at up to 60 fps, as well as 4K at up to 120p. It also boasts some impressive specs with its full-frame image sensor, 800/4000 dual-native ISO and up to 14.7 stops of dynamic range.

Let’s take a look at this new gimbal system and explore how it stacks up to its 6K predecessor — and if it might be right for you.

Introducing the Ronin 4D-8K

We’re reducing the name of this camera gimbal system to just the DJI Ronin 4D-8K, but it's actually a DJI Ronin 4D 4-Axis Cinema Camera 8K Combo Kit (with a DL PZ 17-28mm T3.0 ASPH Lens) when you look it up to purchase online. But don’t let its long name fool you, it’s really a simple offering. It’s simply a Ronin 4D with a much, much better camera.

“Empowering creators with cutting-edge technology has always been at the heart of DJI’s mission. The Ronin 4D-8K stands as a testament to our dedication to delivering unparalleled imaging solutions and providing creators with the tools they need to bring their visions to life with exceptional clarity and brilliance.” — DJI Senior Product Line Manager Paul Pan.

This new system will also meet all of the higher imaging standards that are required for high-end visual effects these days, plus cine-style capture and even broadcasting capabilities that all save time thanks to this all-in-one combination design.

The Zenmuse X9-8K Camera

Looking specifically at this new Zenmuse X9-8K camera, you’ll find features that include all of the same great imaging, stabilization and focusing packed into a lightweight and uniquely flexible gimbal camera rig. With the Zenmuse X9-8K camera, you’ll be able to shoot 8K 60 fps 17:9 video in Apple ProRes Raw, and 8K 30 fps 17:9 and 8K 75 fps 2:39:1 in ProRes 422 HQ.

The Ronin 4D-8K also features some helpful built-in ND filters which should provide up to nine stops of exposure control, plus all of the DL/E/L/PL/M interchangeable lens mount options. As with the previous version, the autofocus should be some of the best in the industry as it makes use of its own AMF system powered by LiDAR.

The Zenmuse X9-8K supports up to 8K video capture and, with the combo kit, includes both a Raw license key and the DJI ProSSD 1 TB drive, a DJI ProSSD mount and a USB-C high-speed data cable required for this Raw recording.

The Zenmuse X9-8K Camera

The Zenmuse X9-8K Camera


Groundbreaking DJI Cinema Color Science

This new Ronin model also features a new DJI Cinema Color Science (DCCS) that aims to provide more natural skin tone renditions regardless of your lighting or environment. This color engine will run on a new algorithm that DJI has developed that offers smoother tonal transitions, high bit-width internal color and its own high-precision LUT processing.

“With its film-consistent symmetrical dynamic distribution, DCCS preserves delicate and natural transitions in highlight areas, making it the ideal choice for filmmakers seeking unparalleled image quality and color grading flexibility.” — DJI.

Along with this DCCS DJI has also included its own CineCore image processing platform that incorporates an advanced processor to support 8K videos in a ton of different codecs including Apple ProRes RAW, ProRes 422 HQ, H.264, and, like the DJI Inspire 3 and CinemaDNG.

\u200bDJI Ronin 4D-8K

DJI Ronin 4D-8K


Price and Availability

The Ronin 4D-8K is being released as a combo kit that includes the Zenmuse X9-8K gimbal camera, a DJI DL PZ 17-28mm T3.0 ASPH lens and other accessories (like a ProSSD) and, according to its site, should be shipping soon.

Here are the full specs and purchase options.

  • Ronin 4D Main Body
  • Zenmuse X9-8K Gimbal Camera
  • DJI DL PZ 17-28mm T3.0 Lens Included
  • 4D Raw License, Low-Pass Filter Included
  • ProRes Raw to 8K75, 4K120|Raw HQ to 8K30
  • Z-Axis Camera/3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizing
  • Right Focus/Control, Left Pan/Tilt Grips
  • 5.5" 1000 cd/m² Touchscreen Display
  • LiDAR Range Finder/Focus Module
  • 1TB ProSSD & TB50 Battery with Mounts

DJI Ronin 4D 4-Axis Cinema Camera 8K Combo Kit with DL PZ 17-28mm T3.0 ASPH Lens

The Ronin 4D 4-Axis Cinema Camera 8K Combo Kit with DL PZ 17-28mm T3.0 ASPH Lens from DJI combines imaging, stabilization, and focusing in a lightweight, uniquely flexible gimbal/camera rig.