In 2020 Tarantino has become more accessible to his audience. He's programming movies at the New Beverly, doing an in-depth podcast with The Ringer and Lynn Hirschberg, and talking a whole lot more about modern cinema

During a stint on 'The Rewatchables', Tarantino came out in strong favor of movies like Unstoppable but reserved the term "masterpiece" only for Dunkirk.

So what makes Tarantino so excited and eager to talk about a recent release?

Check out this video from The Ringer and let's talk after the jump. 

Why does Tarantino Think 'Dunkirk' is a Masterpiece?  

The best movies are not just good the first time through but upon multiple viewings give us a chance to unpack the excellence at their center. 

Hearing how Tarantino watched this movie three times before he ranked it among the best of the decade was a great example of this in-detail study that makes the difference between a great filmmaker and student of the craft and a casual viewer. 

Dunkirk is made for this type of study.

Not just because of the bold, non-linear editing, but because of how it envelops you in its story from the first frame. 

There are scenes so tense and jaw-dropping that the magnitude might escape you on viewing one. 

Tarantino also lauds Nolan's 'virtuosity,' his incredible filmmaking skill, which Tarantino compares to Stanley Kubrick. 

One knock on Nolan has always been his reliance on the genre and intellectual property to create weight to his films. That argument gets.... blown out of the water... with Dunkirk. Pun intended. 

It is a war movie, but it's also a personal story. One that is emotional and wrought with the willing sacrifice humans make for one another. 

It is about a bond of brotherhood and the desire to risk one's life for a greater cause. 

Nolan uses practical effects and iMax cameras to be immersive, almost shrinking back as a director, more concerned with giving audiences the experience and less concerned with his personal stamp. 

That's when you know you're in the hands of a master filmmaker. 

The conjoining of spectacle and substance makes this movie exciting to revisit and rewatch again and again. 

Do you agree with Tarantino? 

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