So where can an auteur go these days to tell an original story, flex some creative muscle, avoid the shackles of popular I.P. and just get weird? 


Why? Well, for starters Horror continues to be super popular. If you missed this awesome infographic tracking the popularity of genres over cinematic history you'll see how and why. 

Collider has the story that Baby Driver director Edgar Wright is venturing into the world of horror himself, following John Krasinski last year, and Jordan Peele the year before that, among others. 

Peele also has Us coming this year, premiering at SXSW. 

Horror has never been an expensive genre to work in, in fact, it's typically one of the more affordable. It's also a type of story that brings in crowds and gets eyeballs even in this age where we have a million places to look at once. 

According to Collider and Empire, Wright references Don't Look Now and Repulsion as major influences on this new project.

Of course, Wright's Shaun of the Dead has horror to thank for some of its DNA, but it seems like this new movie will go more into genuinely scary/psychological thriller territory.  

In either case, people should be excited because it means Wright will have room to get creative and get weird. If the horror genre is the place that will allow filmmakers to do this, then we're all for it. 

Do you have an original concept you can refocus towards horror? It just might help you get it made.

Source: Collider