Who out there knows who Mathieu Stern is? If you've been an NFSer for a while, you most definitely know him...maybe not as Mathieu Stern but as the "Weird Lens Guy" that I obsessively cover.

We've written about almost all of his "Weird Lens Challenges" in which he takes 100-year-old projector lenses or lenses he finds in dumpsters or lenses he makes out of icebergs and engineers them to work with modern day cameras...and then goes on to capture some absolutely gorgeous imagery. 

Well, today is this dear fellow's birthday and to commemorate it, he decided to make a list of 36 "weird photography ideas" he wants to try out this year. After watching it, I realized that this should be the creative bucket list of pretty much every filmmaker and photographer out there. Check it out and see for yourself.

Granted, some of these experiments only really work for photographers, but damn it, filmmakers are just photographers who can't stay still, so if you're gonna do this bucket list thing, I'll tell you right now that there's no skipping, Jack.

For those of you who just picked up a camera for the very first time, first of all, hi, hello, congrats...you're gonna have so much fuggin' fun, my friend! Second, write down all of the things from the video and use it as a checklist. For real, experimentation and practice helps us learn so many fascinating things about our craft, ourselves, and our creative voice. 

For those of you who have a little bit more experience and have done a few of the things on this list...don't stop! Keep going. Try something you never thought you'd try, like a bullet-time sequence. Just surround your subject with a couple dozen GoPros (or just twirl your phone around on a string...kinda works) and go nuts.

For those of you who are so experienced that you have done everything on this list, please...share the coolest/weirdest/most amazing cinematographic experiment you've done as a filmmaker in the comments below. 

And for those who are going to go through all of these things within a year...I wish I had your stamina.

Almost forgot, Happy Birthday, Mathieu!

Source: Mathieu Stern