For our Deals of the Week, we found some necessary tools for your kit that won't break the bank. 

Sometimes, the best gear to have on set isn't a lens or a camera. Whether you're working in the camera department or G&E, having these things in your toolkit will make your job a lot easier. Best thing of all, everything on this list is under $100. (Save for our honorable mention, which we think is an awesome tool for content creators looking to soundproof a studio space.)

ProTapes Fluorescent Cloth Tape Set

ProTapes Pro Fluorescent Cloth Tape Set

Save $15
  • Orange, Pink, Yellow, and Green Rolls
  • Rubber-Based Cloth Tape
  • Matte Finish
  • Printable
  • Clean Removal
  • Hand-Tearable
  • Weather-Resistant
4-piece set

This cloth tape set from ProTapes Pro Spike features four 1" x 60' rubber-based cloth tape rolls. The fluorescent colors are yellow, green, pink, and orange, and come in a matte finish. The surface is printable, comes up cleanly, is hand-tearable, and is weather-resistant. It's best suited for work where high visibility is needed and would be a great addition to any assistant camera person or solo shooter.

Even if you're a grip, using this tape to increase visibility on set can be a lifesaver. We all know that not everyone is looking where they walk on set. 

Furman SS-6B-PRO 6-Outlet Surge Protector

Furman SS-6B-PRO 6-Outlet Surge Protectors

Save $10
  • 6 Outlets on Each
  • 15' Power Cords
  • Steel Construction
  • Extreme Voltage Shutoff
  • EMI/RFI Noise Filtration
  • Illuminated On/Off Switches
  • Power Block Design
Set of Two

Why the heck would you need two surge protectors on set? Well, to protect your valuable equipment from electrical spikes! With the advent of LED lights, I see projects rely more and more on wall power when on location. So having an outlet splitter with a built-in surge protector is a must-have for your lights or cameras. 

These surge protectors feature steel construction with a 15' cable, built-in circuit breaker, and an illuminated on/off switch for low-light environments. They are designed to dissipate up to 540 joules during a power surge and are equipped with Extreme Voltage Shutdown technology, which cuts off the power when voltage spikes to 140V or drops to 95V. Diagnostic lights also let you know that each SS-6B-PRO is working properly. When plugging in expensive equipment, this addition to your toolkit will give you peace of mind. 

Matthews Sound Blanket with Grommets

Matthews Sound Blanket with Grommets

Save $43.80
  • 12 grommets, four on each side.
  • 74" x 81"
  • It's a blanket
74" x 81"

Finally, we have these awesome sound blankets from Matthews that have 12 grommets, four on each side. These can be used to rig the blankets or tie them down. While they can be used for sound insulation, they have many other uses. From blacking out windows, or adding an extra layer of protection for gear, talent, or fragile objects on location. With how versatile these are, calling them sound blankets seems like an injustice. And for $55, you're getting more than a bargain.

Auralex D36 Roominator (Honorable Mention)

Auralex D36 Roominator

Save $50
  • Self-contained kit
  • Reduces uncontrolled ambience
  • Maximizes acoustic performance
Charcoal Gray Color

To piggyback off the sound blankets, we had to put the D36 Roominator Kit on this list. This acoustic sound-control kit offers a great starting point for reducing unwanted slap and flutter echo in a room. Perfect for spot treatment, the kit addresses the acoustic and aesthetic needs of the small project studio as well as the most demanding professional mixing and mastering environments. Whether it's the home studio for content creation, a home theater, or a Pro Tools suite, the D36 kit is designed to dramatically improve acoustics and provide a designer look. Unfortunately, it's more than $100, so it had to be an honorable mention. 

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