It's never been easy to get into the best film schools, especially since many of them have crazy expensive tuition. Well, NYU has teamed up with Rolling Stone, IndieWire, and the online-education platform Yellowbrick to launch Film and TV Industry Essentials, an online certificate program that offers introductions to careers in film and television. 

The classes are taught by top directors and industry experts like Ang Lee, Judd Apatow, Alrick Brown, and Alfonso Gomez-Rejon. There's also a ton of craftspeople who work on major movies and TV shows across the industry. 

The complete Film and TV Industry Essentials program consists of five courses covering all angles of the film and TV business. NYU faculty and industry experts will take you deep into key areas of the industry, including:

  • The Fundamentals of FilmStudents will explore major movements in film history, and analyze the expressive principles of visual and audio communication.
  • Fundamentals of TelevisionStudents will analyze the collaborative process of producing episodic television drama, comedy, and non-fiction. We will explore vital roles in television production, from the Showrunner to the Director.
  • Understanding the Production ProcessExperts will present the major disciplines of cinematic arts: directing, producing, cinematography, sound, and editing. They will cover the basic concepts of producing and directing, for both documentary and fiction.
  • The Production BusinessStudents will learn how Producers and Directors develop projects, cast actors, assemble a creative team, and promote their independent films through press and film festivals.
  • Marketing and DistributionIn a crowded marketplace, how do films find their audiences? In this module, students will discover how films make their way into cinemas, streaming, and beyond through distribution and marketing.

Some of the participants, such as Ang Lee, visited a sanitized studio and interacted with interviewers through remote technology. Others participated from home. Of course, the benefits here are clear. Not only are you learning the film business from some of the biggest names in the industry but you're able to do it all from the comfort of your own living room. 

When you finish, you’ll earn a certificate from NYU (not a college degree). You can put that on your resume when applying for jobs in Hollywood. 

Click here to register and find out more information about the course, pricing, and schedule.