In a Tweet, FilmConvert announced the release of the Panasonic S5 camera pack that's available to download across its color grading tools, including the original FilmConvert software, more robust Nitrate, and CineMatch, which allows you to match different log profiles of multiple camera sources. 

FilmConvert is a handy film emulation tool that makes it easy to apply different film stocks to your footage and adjust them further to taste. As it grew in popularity, the company released Nitrate, a more robust version of FilmConvert that gives you better control over curve tools and adds Cineon Log film emulations to fine-tune the image. 

While both tools are fantastic at what they do, CineMatch is probably the favorite out of the group. We previously went into detail about its capabilities, but how CineMatch separates itself from FilmConvert and Nitrate is that it allows you to match log sources.

For instance, if you shoot S-Log2 on one camera and S-Log3 on another camera, you can match both cameras to the preferred log and then start your grade, or combine it with FilmConvert or Nitrate to add a film emulation if you prefer. 

The addition of the Panasonic S5 pack is welcomed. The full-frame mirrorless camera recently received a significant update that includes ProRes RAW support via an Atomos Ninja V, improved autofocus, and 4K DCI up to 60p, making the S5 one of our favorite under-the-radar cameras from Panasonic. 

You can download the latest camera pack from FilmConvert over on their website