About the same time Apple dropped firmware update 10.4.9 for Final Cut Pro X, Frame.io announced the latest version of its software that's said to deliver faster speeds, more precision, and improved security. Or is it security, precision, and then speed? Whatever the marketing hype order you prefer, version 3.7 of Frame.io is a goodie. Let's walk through it. 

If you don't know what Frame.io is, it's a company that's taking over post workflows and pumping it full of unicorns and animal balloons. In actuality, it kind of is taking over post workflows, but provide tools for users to collaborate on projects. So let's say the Missouri Meersham Company is your client and they want you to make a commercial that makes corn cob pipes look cool. Easy. (Like they have ever stopped.) You put together a slick 15-second video that's going to appear before every YouTube video and you need to share it with the client for approval. That's where Frame.io comes in. 

The monthly service allows you to upload content and interface with clients or other collaborators who can add timecode precision notes. The company has been growing substantially where seemingly every week it integrates with a new product or software. It's like Atomos announcing ProRes RAW compatibility with another camera. You can set your watch to it. 

With this release, Frame.io has launched the full version of its file-sharing app, Frame.io Transfer. According to its creators, users can upload and download large files, entire folders, and complete projects. It also allows you to monitor the transfer progress, prioritize files, or change bandwidth settings. Additionally, desktop notifications can be turned on to alert you when a transfer is completed.  

The Frame.io Final Cut Pro X Workflow Extension has also been updated to be compatible with Final Cut 10.4.9. Any proxy files created in Final Cut can be downloaded as clips directly from the non-linear editor using the extension. 

Frame.io also says it supports HDR playback on all HDR-compatible iOS devices. Users can upload PQ files in 2020 or P3 in any codec, and Frame.io will create a 4K 10-bit HEVC proxy that can be played back on the mobile device. On top of that, SDR formats will be tone-mapped for older phones, and Airplay is supported for any HDR 10-compatible displays. iOS player controls have a better response, and a new preview feature allows you to scrub through clips. 

Other improvements include new admin controls for Enterprise (the pricey version). Options now included improved internal watermark configurations and role-based permissions for downloading unwatermarked assets.

The latest version is available as a free download for current users. If you want to check them out, the company does offer a free version for up to 2 users.