If there’s one thing to say about photography, even from a videographer’s perspective, it's that it’s probably more fun to try out photo-taking now than ever before. Ever since the DSLR revolution, it's been quite easy to combine both forms on a professional level. And with so many avenues for content sharing these days, it’s kind of hard to resist pursuing both photo and video for projects.

However, one of the more fun, yet gimmicky, areas that has been on the rise for photography has been in the instant camera market, and Fujifilm has just released another new product that should up the “fun-ness” of this niche.

Let’s look at the new Fuji INSTAX MINI 99 instant camera, as well as a peek into some new updates coming to Fujifilm’s corresponding smartphone app update.


Designed to be another fun and cool instant photo camera for hip content creators (and, you know, just regular people with friends), the INSTAX MINI 99 lets users unleash their artistic flair and create unique images in a true analog experience.

With the INSTAX MINI 99 users will be able to use six different color effect settings, or, of course, just a normal setting for true renditions of their images. There are also five shooting modes which include:

  • Normal
  • Indoor
  • Sports
  • Double Exposure
  • Bulb

Each of these modes can be further optimized for a particular shot or scene by offering fine-level adjustments for brightness, additional highlights, or even shadow detail. After you take your shot the images are printed on 2 x 3-inch INSTAX MINI instant film, which — as you’d expect — is sold separately.

INSTAX UP! Smartphone App Update

On top of this new instant camera announced by Fujifilm, the brand has also announced an update to its free, downloadable INSTAX UP! smartphone app. Designed for INSTAX users to digitally scan, import, and organize, with the INSTAX UP! Smartphone App, FUJIFILM INSTAX users can:

  • Scan their INSTAX photo prints and store them digitally in one place;
  • Organize their scanned, digital photos by category/list views for easy locating;
  • Easily share digitally stored photos and collections via social media or text; and
  • Import digitally stored photos from other INSTAX Apps (the INSTAX MINI LINK App or the INSTAX LINK WIDE App, for instance) into the INSTAX Up! App.

This new update also adds a new album feature where users can easily organize and store their digital INSTAX photos by themes. Users can also add, tag, share, download, and delete INSTAX images from their digital albums and can view images in a list/box view as well.

Pricing and Availability

The Fujifilm INSTAX MINI 99 instant camera is expected to be available online and in stores here in mid-April 2024. You can check the full specs and purchase options below.

  • Prints 2 x 3" Instant Photos
  • Five Shooting Modes with Auto Exposure
  • Landscape and Macro Modes
  • Built-In Flash Control
  • Five Levels of Brightness
  • Six Color Effect Settings
  • Manual Vignette Switch
  • Built-In Self Timer
  • 2 Shutter Buttons for Portrait/Landscape
  • Includes Base Grip with Tripod Mount

FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI 99 Instant Film Camera

Designed to deliver precise light and color control, the INSTAX MINI 99 Instant Film Camera from FUJIFILM lets users unleash their artistic flair and create unique images for a true analog experience.