According to reports from Canon Rumors, it sounds like Canon is on the verge of finally, officially announcing their much-anticipated new flagship mirrorless cameras. We’ve been hearing rumors about both cameras for some time, so these new announcements shouldn’t be a huge surprise.

But as is the case with any new Canon cameras, these should still be pretty major unveilings that should give the camera market a good kick of adrenaline as it’ll undoubtedly both vitalize Canon’s lineup, as well as send competitors to look for new cameras as well.

Here’s what we know so far about both cameras.

Rumored Canon EOS R1 and R5 Mark II

As we’ve covered before, the Canon R1 is set to be Canon’s biggest flagship camera yet. It could very well be the perfect bridge camera between Canon’s mirrorless line and their cinema camera lineup—which itself was just bolstered by the addition of the new Canon C400.

We still don’t know the exact recording specs just yet, but if it’s 8K (or higher) as we’d expect, it should probably turn heads and end up being a true flagship. We don’t know as much about the new Canon R5 Mark II, but its rumors have been swirling for some time as well—as we’ve covered in the past.

It’ll also undoubtedly be an 8K capable camera that will improve upon the previous R5 version, perhaps significantly, and should give Canon’s top mirrorless camera lineup a major boost to compete with the likes of Sony, Blackmagic, Panasonic, and the rest of the now very crowded high-end mirrorless camera lot.

We’ll keep you posted as we lead up to these announcements here in the next few weeks.