UPDATE, June 4: After shutting down its servers yesterday, Fujifilm is back online.

In an updated statement on the UK site, Fujifilm confirmed there was a ransomware attack against Fujifilm Corporation in Tokyo. However, the company said that "the impact of unauthorized access is confined to a specific network in Japan."

Based on the company's investigation, networks in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas were not compromised. Most servers are now back online.

Service in the Americas region should be fully restored today, and if you're in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa regions, Fujifilm hopes to have service fully restored by Monday, June 7.

PREVIOUSLY: If any Fujifilm camera or gear owners have recently tried to access the Fujifilm website, you might have noticed that their servers appear to be down.

While the Fujifilm landing page should still be online, the company has confirmed that they are aware of “the possibility of a ransomware attack,” and that it appears to be affecting “all forms of communications, including emails and incoming calls, which come through the company’s network systems.”

Fujifilm_messageThe message regarding the attack currently on the Fujifilm website.

What to Know About the Cyber Attack

For any film or video professionals who work with Fujifilm, short term this means that any corporate support that you might need probably won’t be accessible right now. If you were about to download any firmware updates or if you were looking for any customer support, you might have to hold off for a bit.

Long term, this is another sign that even the biggest manufacturers and corporations in the world are never 100% fully secure. Hopefully, this attack and the server issues will be remedied quickly, but it’s a small reminder that relying exclusively on the servers of trusted brands isn’t always the safest—or only—option.

For any concerned Fujifilm camera owners or other interested parties, you can keep tabs on this cyber attack on the Fujifilm news page here. The full press release from Fujifilm on the attack and the steps they’re taking to investigate is copied below.

FUJIFILM Corporation is currently carrying out an investigation into possible unauthorized access to its server from outside of the company. As part of this investigation, the network is partially shut down and disconnected from external correspondence.

We want to state what we understand as of now and the measures that the company has taken. In the late evening of June 1, 2021, we became aware of the possibility of a ransomware attack. As a result, we have taken measures to suspend all affected systems in coordination with our various global entities.

We are currently working to determine the extent and the scale of the issue. We sincerely apologize to our customers and business partners for the inconvenience this has caused.