There are so many more jobs on set besides directors, producers, and writers. Every year, thousands of people make their way in the industry by working as a grip, camera operator, or gaffer. These are good, union jobs that are valued on big and small sets. 

You might see roles like “key grip,” “2nd AC,” “gaffer,” and “best boy” in the credits, but what does each do, and which roles could you be the best fit for? And once you’re in, how can these roles lead you to new opportunities like cinematographer or director?

We want to help you figure that out with the assistance of a professional.

The class

Richard Teodorczyk has been working in camera and grip departments for over 35 years, most recently serving as key grip for the second season of Netflix’s Locke & Key. Teodorczyk has served on other notable shows including Amazon’s The Boys, Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, and films like Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Lars and the Real Girl, and The Vow. Although his experience mainly comes from a grip’s point of view, his years of experience allow him to share knowledge, tips, and helpful tricks for those wishing to join the industry in a grip, electric, or camera capacity.

Teodorczyk will teach you how you can begin a career in film and television by working on the shooting floor. He will walk you through all the possible jobs within the camera, grip, and electrical fields, what skills you need to be successful, and how COVID-19 has changed the film landscape.

He will provide valuable tips on how to find your place and keep it, and how to maintain your sanity through what sometimes seems like a daily grind. He will also discuss the path from the camera department to other roles like cinematographer and director. Teodorczyk’s presentation will help you decide which direction is right for you and how to avoid the many potential pitfalls of the biz that always seem to be lurking in the background.

The details

The course is on Saturday, March 13, from 11 to 12:30 p.m. PST. The cost is $49, but our code gets you 20% off the price. 

The exclusive code is: NFSGRIPWEBINAR

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