Any purchases made at B&H through a No Film School affiliate link during our giveaway in November and December entered the purchaser to win one of several gift cards or one of our favorite on-camera LED boards: the Luxli Viola² RGBAW LED panel

The winners for the November and December giveaways are:

December Gear Giveaway Winner:      

  • Luxli Winner – Joe from Texas

Dec Gift Card Winners:      

  • $250 - Brian from Australia    
  • $100 - Brendan from California              
  • $50 - Curtis from North Carolina
  • $50 - Toshio from New York
  • $50  - Tom from Oregon

November Gift Card Winners:      

  • $250 - Grant from Nebraska
  • $100 - Mark from Utah      
  • $50 - Alex from California
  • $50 - Jeff from Nebraska
  • $50 - John from North Carolina

More B&H Giveaways Ahead

What’s more exciting is that No Film School and B&H will continue the Gift Card & Gear Giveaways for thenext four months. Any B&H purchase made through an NFS affiliate link will automatically enter you into that month's raffle for gift cards and gear giveaways.

There is so much new gear on the horizon, so don’t miss your chance to get in on the next raffle. This is a great time to expand your kit or get that new piece of gear coming out! If you need some advice, check out our Gear Guides for some tips. 

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