Have you been hitting the slopes only to wonder how you might better use your GoPro to capture the action by yourself? Are you looking for your GoPro to be smart enough to only record when it's in motion? Or, are you looking to capture some wildlife, but only when it's actually moving in your backyard?

Good news: the new GoPro Labs update aims to support all of those endeavors. 

The newest edition of the GoPro Labs firmware brings a suite of features to the GoPro line, including Motion Detection for the Hero 9 and GoPro MAX. Started in May 2020, the GoPro Labs initiative allows creative users (such as you all!) and professionals to try out the newest features not yet released to the greater GoPro world. 

Enhanced Motion Detection is among the updated tools and will even work in the 360 video mode, available on the GoPro MAX.

While similarly named, it should not be confused with the Camera Motion Trigger function, another brand-new GoPro Labs feature which allows the camera to only record when it is in motion. This can help save battery life and camera card space, especially if you're out on the aforementioned slopes.

Both features are part of a set of new updates that will help the solo GoPro videographer. You can even combine tools to leverage the most out of your camera.

For example, as GoPro Technical Fellow David Newman shares through the GoPro Labs firmware release post, you can dive into the “magical experience” of combining Motion Detection with HindSight so that you don’t miss the key shot. HindSight is the previously released feature available on the GoPro Hero 9 that can record 30 seconds in the past, ensuring that the camera is always ready for action if you aren't. Combine this with Motion Detection, and this can be particularly helpful for an action sports-minded “self-shooter,” to use Newman's term.

Speaking of filming, GoPro is interested to see what you can do with these new tools through their GoPro Labs Anything Awesome ChallengeCash awards are on the line.

To download the new GoPro Labs firmware for your device, and to learn more, visit their support page

Happy moving!