HBO Employees Are “Freaking Out” About the Future of Streaming

'KIMI'Credit: HBO Max
With a move that came straight out of the left field, everyone is left wondering what could happen next. 

The industry is feeling the effects of Warner Bros. Discovery’s break up with HBO Max.

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav’s decision to release all of its upcoming features traditionally, in theaters, is messing with HBO Max’s entire marquee. Although the streaming services remove and add titles constantly, the end of day-and-date and “Max Originals” releases is a huge loss for HBO Max.

The merger of Discovery+ and HBO could mean significant layoffs for executives and staff to minimize redundancies and limit the scripted content, favoring unscripted projects for streaming. 

'An American Pickle'Credit: HBO Max

The Effects of the HBO and Discovery Merger

Speculations that layoffs are on the horizon began rippling through HBO offices Tuesday afternoon after the news that two completed features were shelved, and would never see the light of day. Employees at the HBO offices are “all freaking out,” with one insider telling The Wrap that “everyone in Warner Bros. Discovery is nervous at the moment, and [they’re] starting to look at alternative job options in case they get the ax.”

According to a top Hollywood manager who talked to The Wrap, Zaslav and his executives have been talking with top showrunners and talent about HBO’s content chief Casey Bloys, who has received 140 Emmy nominations and is known for being a creative-friendly programming executive, taking on a more senior role as the two platforms become one. 

We are not entirely sure what Zaslav’s plans are as he tries to reshape Warner Bros. Discovery’s content-release plan. If the economy enters a recession, we could see the film industry bubble bust, meaning that the Hollywood system will see major shifts in budgets and productions. 

Although it is nice to see big features in theaters, I find myself wondering what the future of streaming will look like. Will unscripted content become the norm? Or maybe low- and mid-budget projects will be embraced by studios and find a home on streaming platforms. 

It’s important to remember that this is all speculation at the moment. All we can do is recover from the shock of an out-of-pocket move and continue to create work that excites us. 

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Maybe Batgirl is just shit. And they now have leadership who'd rather write off a shitty film than release it. God knows the previous leadership allowed Zack Snyder to keep making shitty movies, when they should have pulled the plug on him after the absolute garbage called Man Of Steel.

He's pretty much never really made a great film.

August 4, 2022 at 9:29PM


i don't hear, or understand, how 'story', 'actors' or even 'audience' fits into this megalomaniacal production strategy anymore. it's just earth-stomping algorithms doing battle, and i have a feeling i could give two shits if i see anything that gets spit out of that kind of military-industrial creativity.

August 4, 2022 at 9:46PM


I've seen several first episodes of new series in different streamers that made me think; "I've seen this in another show!" Specially HBO. Too many formulaic characters -some depressing- and plots. Other series have to use fast forward because the subplots are unnecessary fillers. They are written to extend a good miniseries of 4 or 5 episode into 8 to 10 episode long boring sausage to get you hooked. Conclusion; too many series made like sausages!

August 5, 2022 at 4:32AM

Javier Diez