Hedén, PLC Electronics, and Focusbug have launched an integration that connects the Cine RT base sensor to the VLC-3 receiver. Now the distance data from the Focusbug Cine RT system can show the display of the YMER-3 handset and the AUX button on the YMER-3 handset can be used to activate focus tracking based on the distance data. This is great news for those invested in the YMER-3 wireless control system. 

How it works is pretty simple. The Cine RT link cable connects to the r/s port of the VLC-3 receiver to the serial port of the Cine RT base sensor. The cable is equipped with a pass-through for the r/s function so users can connect both an r/s cable to the camera and the Cine RT simultaneously. Connected, users will be able to see focus tracking and distance measurements. 

The Cine RT integration is compatible with YMER-3 with the latest firmware. To update the firmware, you'll need to send a request with the serial number of the receiver and handset to techsupport@heden.se. The latest firmware and instructions will be emailed to you.

The cable to update the receiver is included in the YMER-3 system, and the supplied USB key can be used to update the handset. It's worth noting a Windows PC will be needed for the update.

You can find out more over at the Heden website