Screenwriting App 'Highland' is Free for Students

Are you a student who wants to write screenplays? John August has you covered. 

Highland 2 is one of our favorite screenwriting softwares on the market.  I love using it to write everything. I think it's so intuitive and useful for when you want to attack writing a movie or a TV show

Now it comes with a discount for college students everywhere. We don't have the exact number on cost, but considering the normal version is only $49.99, it might be very cheap! 

As in FREE for students! 

How can you get a discount? 

1. Have an email address that ends in a ".edu"

2. Click here to compose your email

3. Tell them where you go to school and who the instructor is that runs your writing program. 

4. Give them that professor's email address (or have the professor reach out to them directly)

They will get in touch with your professor (of your prof can get in touch with them), who will fill out the forms needed for you to get Highland 2.

It's that simple!  

If you want the deal and are in high school, have one of your administrators reach out.

Stop reading and hop to it! 

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Script writing software can be pricey and confusing. How do you know which screenwriting software is right for you?

Let's break down some popular options together.      

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Good share!

June 28, 2020 at 3:39PM

Sharon Carter
Internet Marketer

Great. Thank you for sharing this one of the good resources to write screenplays for film students. We also know that Highland 2 was the first screenwriting app to include Gender Analysis. as well as, It is a great way to look at the breakdown of male and female characters in the script. So I hope this app will be very helpful to students. Actually, I am also working with students for their various kinds of academic research at this educational platform. I also appreciate the famous American screenwriter and Director John August to providing a great opportunity to using this useful Screenwriting software for students.

June 28, 2020 at 3:47PM

Allen Thompson
Academic Researcher | Writer

Great Share! I appreciate you for published this useful post. Thanks a lot for sharing and will definitely help me with screenplays. As a student, we have many roles and one such role is completing assignments on time and if you're looking for online help like me then give a try visiting the Cheapest Essay once.

September 28, 2020 at 2:55AM