Last spring at NAB, FXHome announced some exciting new features were coming to HitFilm, including a collaboration with the Foundry, which brings integration of their CameraTracker technology into the HitFilm timeline for adding 3D elements directly into a 2D scene. Editors and visual effects artists can now create a virtual camera whose movement matches the original camera without ever having to leave HitFilm to create it. 

FXHome HitFilm 13

Through CameraTracker, artists can composite 2D and 3D elements more accurately. CameraTracker references the movement of the original camera, even adding similar lens distortion, so the 3D element looks more natural in the scene.

The CameraTracker also offers refinement options, advanced 3D feature preview, as well as create motion sequences, or stills, and create a point cloud and scene linked to solve. Scene features are automatically tracked, and editors can add user tracks from a tracker node and mask out other moving objects. Click here to watch it in action.

HitFilm Pro is the top choice worldwide for creatives who want everything they need in one place. Conquer post-production with 800+ effects, animation tools, motion tracking, and world-leading particle technology - without leaving your editor.

RayTracing Brings Dynamic Animated Textures to HitFilm's Titler

Other features of HitFilm 13 include:

  • 3D CameraTracker from The Foundry
  • Locking layers and tracks in composite layers and the timeline;
  • masking tools in the timeline;
  • The ability to lock and unlock layers in comps and tracks directly in the timeline;
  • New plug-ins forTone Coloring, Stock Background Removal and High pass Sharpen;
  • Strength sliders on LUT effects;
  • Tone coloring;
  • Remove stock backgrounds;
  • High pass sharpening;
  • Enhanced H.264 decoding on Xeon Processors;
  • Improved non-GPU playback speed/performance;
  • Support for 4K, 60fps projects;
  • Support for multiple audio streams;
  • A new hard limiter to balance and normalize audio levels;
  • Built-in equalizer;
  • Animate and manipulate keyframes right from the timeline;
  • Tackle complex 3D model animations;
  • Graphic editor for ultra smooth transitions and dynamic lower-thirds;
  • Color coded labeling with 16 colors to keep your footage organized;
  • Unlimited tracks that keep your ideas big and your content contained;
  • 800+ visual effects including compositing and green screen; Mocha 2d Camera tracking
  • Particle engines;
  • Export queue with presets;
  • Professional titles with Ray Tracing to generate animated textures;
  • OpenFX support for use with BorisFX, RED Giant, RE:Vision Effects, NewBlueFX;

2D Camera Tracking with Mocha

Performance in HitFilm has also been vastly improved up to 8X faster thanks to GPU acceleration, which will shoulder a lot of the processing work, and there's also a new sequence and compositor "pre-fetcher" that improves playback. 

As a filmmaker, I love the toolset that HitFilm 13 brings to the party for entry and mid-level content creators. If you're on a very strict budget, and don't want to get tied down into a subscription model and paying for things you may not need, HitFilm offers the best solution for diving into the post-production game and create some impressive, professional level workflows.

Adding 3D camera tracking through the Foundry's CameraTracker is yet another great arrow in the HitFilm quiver, that will give editors and effects artists the tools they need to develop the skills for a creative career. 

You won't find anything else out there for $299 that can bring those tools to the party. And with a free demo through HitFilm Express (camera tracker integration coming soon), users can experience the entire set of features, with no time limit, and you can save your projects so you don't lose anything.

Download it at FXHome and give it a try.

Source: FXHome