Crossovers are great. Allen Iverson had a killer one. Freddy vs. Jason ruled. In the world of film and video, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera damn well became one of the most popular cameras of all time.

Yet, despite all of the success listed above, there are instances where brands or manufacturers probably should have just stayed in their own lanes. The jury is still out on this latest one though as we’ve just seen the announced release of Hollyland’s first camera with their live stream niche aimed VenusLiv.

Best known for its wireless video and audio solutions, this new camera represents a stark pivot from transmission tech into video, but with its live stream focus it begins to make a bit of sense.

Just as AI (the hooper, not the tech) did back in the 2000s, let’s crossover and check out what this Hollyland VenusLiv has to offer content pros.

The Hollyland VenusLive

Designed specifically for live streaming video content, namely live shopping, online courses, podcasts, and the like, this new Hollyland VenusLive is actually quite functionally designed for this specific niche. Many actually saw this camera at NAB 2023 too when Hollyland previewed it under models called the “Venuss Pro” and the “Venuss Air” where it stood out simply for its small size, price, and singular focus.

Using Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), users of the VenusLiv are able to stream content simply by inputting a streaming URL, which should make for direct and flexible streaming directly onto platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (sorry, X), and any others that might pop up in the future.

Plus, with some reported fast hybrid auto-focus, a built-in UVC for efficient streaming, and an immersive 5” touchscreen, the VenusLive should really have the majority of the bells and whistles that a modern live stream content creator would want in a camera.

A 24/7 Live Streaming Camera

Streaming Hollyland VenusLiv

Are you ready to stream 24/7?

Credit: Hollyland

What’s really interesting about this new Hollyland VenusLive though might simply be its billing and focus on live streaming. There aren’t too many cameras solely focused on just letting content creators stream video 24/7, which is exactly what VenusLive promises to do.

Now, who would want to stream 24/7 uninterrupted? That’s a different discussion. But if you’re someone who does, you’ll be happy to know that you can do it with real-time autofocus, built-in color correction, and plenty of flexible connectivity options.

Plus, you can also record video in either horizontal or vertical setups thanks to the 5” HD touchscreen which can be conveniently flipped, and still displayed accurately with its CalMAN color calibration.

Specs and Price

Hollyland VenusLiv Streaming

A look at the different flip screen recording modes


With a price tag that looks to be just at $1,000 on launch, the VenusLive should be competitive with other live streaming focused cameras in the market. And truthfully, when you compare prices to other mix-and-match streaming setups (or even smartphones for that matter), you’re looking at a streamlined option that should do the task of live streaming quite well.

Here are the full specs provided from Hollyland:

  • Support for RTMP Streaming: Utilizing the Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), the VenusLiv enables you to stream content by simply inputting a streaming URL. Enjoy the flexibility of streaming on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. The VenusLiv stores your streaming URL for future use, making it easy to go live again with just a tap.
  • Instant Real-Time Autofocus: The VenusLiv has lightning-fast hybrid autofocus capabilities that use both phase and contrast methods to quickly focus on foreground objects, ensuring that your images are sharp and clear in real time. Whether you prefer the touchscreen's convenience or the focus ring's tactile feedback, the VenusLiv ensures effortless focus adjustment to precisely capture your desired shots.
  • Built-in UVC for Effortless Streaming: The VenusLiv's USB Video Class (UVC) ensures smooth video streaming without the need for external capture cards. To experience lightning-fast streaming, simply connect your computer to the VenusLiv using the included USB cable.
  • Vibrant and Immersive Visuals on a 5" Touchscreen: The VenusLiv camera boasts a high-definition 5-inch touchscreen that can be conveniently flipped, allowing you to easily capture and monitor your live streaming scenes. Experience stunning visuals and realistic colors that rival those of professional monitors. Thanks to its CalMAN color calibration, you can trust that the colors displayed on the screen accurately represent the scene in real time.
  • Flexible Connectivity: VenusLiv offers versatile connectivity options, With its 3.5mm microphone port, HDMI interface, USB-C 2.0 interface, USB-C 3.1 interface, network interface, and other compatible features, the VenusLiv provides a wide range of connectivity possibilities to enhance your live streaming experience. The USB-C 2.0 digital audio interface is specially designed to connect to the Lark C1 or LARK MAX, ensuring high-quality audio capture for your live streaming sessions.

Price: $999