The best career advice I ever received was simply to “be prepared.” There’s no special technical expertise or secret handshake clique that magically gets you hired. Better to cultivate your craft and business acumen so that when opportunity knocks, you’re home.

This is why an industry-savvy editor like Sven Pape (Ghosts of the Abyss, HitRecord) and his considerate YouTube channel This Guy Edits is a true diamond in the rough cut. This Guy Edits is a solid resource of technique and analysis, which has now evolved into an online course, titled The Go-To Editor.

In this introductory video, Pape provides an overview of the course which promises both editing training and career consultation.

There's three main concepts; The Client, The Work and The Promise.

Pape first extols the importance of client relationships and ways to rear a rolodex. Being foremost in the mind of Those-Who-Hire is the very definition of a “Go-To.”

Then, of course, there’s the work itself which The Go-To Editor covers both in theory and practice.

And finally, what Pape refers to as The Promise: honing in on what you uniquely offer as an editor. In Pape’s mind, not all branding is for cattle.

Additionally The Go-To Editor lets users to play with narrative, documentary and branded footage directly from past projects of Pape's. 

There’s a slim enrollment window currently, so get to The Go-To soon if you’re interested...