With the rise of AI, will Hollywood begin to neuter your voice? While AI isn’t creating anything original, the immediate convenience of this tool is already impacting our industry. Artificial intelligence is being applied to creative arts, so filmmakers need to understand how it can affect their careers.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s Jason Hellerman speaks with acquisition executive and script consultant, Evan Littman, to discuss:

  • Why we should be concerned about text-to-video AI tools like Sora
  • Why large studios have a better chance of going against generative AI models
  • AI-generated screenplays and copyright laws
  • Using AI to read and give feedback on scripts
  • Examples of how unreliable AI can be
  • Developing your voice as a screenwriter
  • What newer writers need to understand about breaking into the industry
  • Why 8/10 on a script isn’t good enough


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