What does it feel like to finally finish your first feature? It’s difficult to explain the mix of emotions running through you. To quote the director of Hungry Dog Blues, it kind of feels like “finishing a marathon or coming out of a psychedelic drug trip.”

In today’s episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins speaks with filmmakers Jason Abrams and Irina Gorovaia to discuss:

  • The very unique experience of making your first film
  • The magical sense of community on an indie set
  • How the film was inspired by a true story
  • Why people prefer to work on a project that already has momentum
  • Launching a crowdfunding campaign right before the pandemic started
  • How the proof of concept made a huge impact on their fundraising efforts
  • Why frequently following up with investors is so important
  • The practice of not taking things personally
  • Why it’s a win if people hate your movie
  • Understanding you have to wear a lot of hats on your first film
  • Learning to enjoy every little part of the filmmaking process

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This episode of The No Film School Podcast was produced by GG Hawkins.