There really seems to be two camps when it comes to filmmakers shooting films on smartphones, those who rail against it as gimmicky and awful, and those who (begrudgingly at least) accept that smartphone filmmaking is undoubtedly a way of the future.

It is worth noting though that while RED’s Hydrogen One might not be off to a great start, there are more smartphone camera breakthroughs coming out seemingly by the day, and the smartphone cinematography accessories are starting to pile up as well.

All that being said, it’s nice to take a moment and actually watch some of the best and brightest smartphone filmmakers at work. Which really is the case with filmmaker Jiro Konami’s quite beautiful 2-minute micro-doc ‘Lady Misaki’, which you can view below.

A Smartphone Documentary

Shared by the Mobile Motion Film Festival, Konami’s Apple-commissioned micro-documentary was shot on an iPhone XS and follows the oddly beautiful lives of Japan’s “decotora” or “decoration trucks”.

The new iPhone XS (along with the XS Max and XR) features a new 1.4 µm pixel sensor, which when combined with a neural engine on the A12 processor is quite capable at low-light filming.

While the results aren’t quite on the level as your entry-level mirrorless digital cameras, it is admittedly getting harder to tell the difference as the smartphone filmmaking “trend” continues to grow.