As the worlds of digital cameras and multi-purpose smartphone devices continue to slowly merge together, companies large and small are finding new ways to push these technologies even closer together with some neat innovations.

Designed to bring out the best aspects of the iPhone 15 Pro Max and its ProRes video recording capabilities, this new Creator Grip developed by SANDMARC is another tool aimed at making your smartphones that much more camera-like.

Let’s check out the SANDMARC Creator Grip and explore how it can be used with your iPhone 15 (or other smartphone devices) for a more authentic shooting experience.

Meet the SANDMARC Creator Grip

Based in San Diego, the small manufacturer SANDMARC has made a name for itself crafting action gear including iPhone lenses and filters, leather straps, and Apple Watch bands.

However, this newest innovation might be their cleverest.

This Creator Grip is designed to be compatible with iPhone models from the 4 to the 15, as well as most Android smartphone devices. It’s made entirely out of aluminum and is designed to simply and easily clamp to your smartphone. With a rotatable handle, it is able to connect to your smartphone device via Bluetooth where it can trigger the camera in your device.

Shooting Camera-Like Smartphone Footage

So, what’s the appeal of this Creator Grip, you might ask? It depends on your preferences.

There’s also been a design disconnect between how smartphones operate as—you know—phones versus how they operate as cameras. That’s particularly pronounced when shooting video which feels so much more reliant on vertical presentation.

If you’re someone looking to shoot lots of video footage with your new iPhone 15 and its ProRes video recording (or any other smartphone for that matter), this Creator Grip can be a great tool to transition your smartphone from a phone into a camera.

The Creator Grip works by attaching to the back of your smartphone, where users will be able to rotate it to switch from horizontal or vertical more easily. The handle also features a Bluetooth capture and shutter button that can operate the start and stop buttons on your smartphone’s camera, which could make your shooting process that much easier and more familiar.

The Creator Grip on the iPhone 15


Price and Availability

Ultimately though, we know this Creator Grip might not be right for everyone. While that number is undoubtedly growing, there are only so many content creators shooting most of their video footage with smartphones. Still, if you’re someone who loves the classic camera setup, but for whatever reason is also in love with your smartphone for video—this might be the solution for you.

The SANDMARC Creator Grip is available for preorder on the company’s website for $99. Units are expected to start shipping in December 2023.