Good news, movie fans, Project Greenlight is coming back to television. Issa Rae will be the executive producer of the show and be featured in a prominent role as a mentor to the winner as they make their movie. 

Jennifer O’Connell, executive vice president, Non-Fiction and Live-Action Family, HBO Max told Deadline, “At HBO Max, we are committed to providing a platform for diverse, up-and-coming talent... Issa is uniquely skilled in this space, and we are thrilled to be partnering with her and Miramax as a promising group of filmmakers is inspired and challenged with their biggest opportunity yet.”

Project Greenlight has been through some crazy times. It was originally on HBO, and then Bravo, and then back to HBO, before being canceled in 2016. It's always been a fun dramatic series, where viewers get to see the ups and downs of the filmmaking process. One of the knocks on the show is how it handled diversity. We've only had moves from straight white men, and not all of them have turned out to make money at the box office. 

The pressure will be off those numbers in this latest season, as the movie will debut on HBO Max, but adding Rae hopefully opens the contest to different points of view. 

 Marc Helwig, Head of Worldwide Television, Miramax, told Deadline, “By relaunching the iconic Project Greenlight with the brilliant Issa Rae and HBO Max, we continue our efforts to mine the Miramax library and create exciting, groundbreaking new content as well as forge opportunities for a new generation of innovative voices to be heard.” 

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