It seems like there are no new ideas in Hollywood. They're rebooting everything. Even... Jay and Silent Bob? 

Kevin Smith is one of the most controversial stoners and filmmakers out there. His directing style is laid back and so is the way he breaks down a scene. 

Check out the video from Vanity Fair and let's talk after the jump. 

The meta-narrative here of a reboot movie in a reboot. One of Smith's best talents has always been casting. And his story about making Val Kilmer into Bluntman in this movie is so heartwarming. 

Kilmer is one of our great actors going through a hard time. F**k cancer. But seeing him appear as the silent Bluntman was the best part of this video. Hsi casting also shows how Smith uses his personality and likability to always cast up. 

Same goes with Supergirl Melissa Benoist being in the movie. And Tommy Chong. Though he might be there for the weed. 

So be a good person and the stars will show up. I like the editing style here, too. It's a decent callback to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and so are the chyrons of the famous people's name. Which were clever ways to call out the stars for anyone in the audience who might not be used to them in costumes. 

Another enjoyable detail was how Smith tries to end different lines with different words. I also am anal-retentive when it comes to different lines of dialogue. So when you're on set, make sure you have a great relationship with the script supervisor, who will help you keep track of that stuff. 

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