Raconteur and filmmaker Kevin Smith has had a pretty wild career. His film, Clerks, catapulted him into Hollywood, and ever since he landed he's been doing things his own way.

We reported last year that Smith is releasing his horror anthology, Killroy Was Here, as an NFT.

According to Deadline, the film was directed by Smith from a script by Smith and Andy McElfresh. It will be launched as a 5,555-piece generative art NFT collection on Secret Network’s primary NFT minting platform, Legendao. They will work with Semkhor and Curio, the premier NFT platform for entertainment brands, to produce the Killroy Was Here collection.

Watch the trailer here.

Smith says of the collab, “When you buy the Killroy NFT, you get exclusive access to the movie. But more importantly, the specific version of Killroy you get is YOUR Killroy to do with whatever you want: Make your own movie, turn it into a cartoon, license him for lunchboxes! We started the story, now YOU get to continue it with your very own version of our titular character! And along with a brand-new chapter I’ll shoot next year, the shorts and animation that the Killroy NFT owners create with their own Killroys will make up the bulk of our sequel anthology. The Killroy NFT offers an exciting and unique opportunity to go from art collector to collaborating artist!”

That new way of thinking about a movie as a product you buy and repurpose is very interesting. Without seeing it happen, it's hard to know where this goes. But as Smith says, the sky is the limit with this kind of content. 

“This release is made possible by Secret Network’s Legendao NFT technology, which ensures that the NFT content can only be accessed by the owner themselves,” said Guy Zyskind, CEO of SCRT Labs, in a statement. SCRT Labs powers Legendao and Secret Network. “It opens the door for distributing all kinds of digital content as NFTs: movies, TV shows, music—anything—can be reshaped for Web3.”

This is not SCRT Labs' first project. They also teamed up with Tarantino for his NFTs

More information on the project can be found here.

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