For audio enthusiasts looking to add a digital wireless receiver to their toolkit, Lectrosonics has introduced the DCHR, a stereo receiver that can operate in mono or stereo mode.

Those unfamiliar with the name, Lectrosonics manufacturers some stellar wireless audio solutions that include a variety of transmitters and receivers. One of our favorite wireless kits is the company's L-Series. It's ideal for those looking to step up the reliability of their wireless audio on bigger productions. 

The company's bread and butter in the production sound world is its Digital Hybrid Wireless series which combines the best of analog and digital technology. Though one drawback to transmitting a wireless analog signal is it's not encrypted, which allows anyone with a scanner to pick up the audio feed. So if you have a client that needs encrypted audio, you will need a digital solution. Lectrosonics has those options available as well. That's where the DCHR fits. 

Dchr_1Credit: Lectrosonics

The DCHR is a portable digital stereo receiver that's compatible with Lectrosonics's digital lineup, which includes the DPR, DBu, DHu, and DCHT transmitter. It provides two channels of mic or line level analog signals or an AES3 digital signal through its single locking TA5m connector. So if you need to monitor two different transmitters on talent, the DCHR has you covered. 

The device operates on the UHF band and can be tuned from 470-614 MHz in 100 kHz or 25 kHz steps, which offers over 6000 frequencies. So for those worried about the shrinking wireless spectrum, this digital receiver is pretty future proof. 

The receiver is compact in size and is able to mount on any camera cold shoe with an adapter. Like other Lectrosonics offerings, it's made from a tough aluminum housing. For encryption, it uses 256-bit encryption AES 256-CTR to keep audio secure. It also has many of the features we've grown accustomed to from Lectronsonics, including a front end tracking filter, a Smart Tune feature that automatically scans for the best channel in the area, as well as an infrared port to quickly sync transmitters. The unit is powered by two AA batteries and features a USB port to allow firmware updates. 

The DCHR will ship later this year with a price tag of around $2795.