Keeping your camera gear secure is extremely important, which is why many filmmakers put locks on their camera bags as a (slight) deterrent for thieves.

Well, Walter Pretorius of Walter Leica, maker of all things Leica-inspired, has unveiled the Noctilock, a new limited-edition combination lock for your camera bag.

The Noctilock, the name of which is a play off of Leica's legendary, super fast Noctilux lenses, is a hand-crafted combination lock made from solid brass with an authentic ostrich leather inlay. The front lens swivels to set the combination. 

And yes, it looks a lot like a Leica's even got a little red dot to represent the iconic red logo and everything.

Oh, did I mention that it costs $138? 


Reading that price either made you:

  • Spit out your beer and say, "That's highway robbery!"
  • Spit out your Dom Perignon and say, "What a steal!"

Look, I'm never going to buy one of these things because, frankly, I like food and clothes and shelter, but if you're a big fan of Leica camera products and want to secure your camera bag and you don't mind forking over $138 to do it, then you might dig the Noctilock. 

I don't hate the player or the game, fam, so if you're dying to get your hands on one, or know someone who is an uber Leica fan, head on over to Walter Leica.

Source: Walter Leica