Erick Sasso is a multi-hyphenate creative and the editor of the film, Maxine's Baby: The Tyler Perry Story, which documents the life of Tyler Perry. Erick compares the making of documentaries to the making of a meal. You need to use the right ingredients…not too much, not too little. And everyone at the table has to enjoy it.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins speaks with filmmaker Erick Sasso to discuss:

  • Making music videos with his friends in high school
  • Realizing you can reverse engineer in the edit
  • The importance of charging adequately for your services
  • How he landed the editing job on Maxine’s Baby
  • What it looks like to fall in love with the subject
  • Navigating topics such as abuse and childhood trauma
  • What it was like seeing emotional reactions from the audience
  • Important lessons he has learned about being a filmmaker
  • Setting up projects in Adobe Premiere
  • Overcoming tech fears and looking forward to new updates
  • Why editors make the best directors
  • Focusing on development and learning from others

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