The Problem with TV, the Cat People's Narrative, and a Tool That Finally Crosses the Streams

A journey from Georgia to Middle-earth... why you should protect and insure your gear... and have streamers broken TV? We also talk DJI’s new drone and MASV’s massive ability to share large video files.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Camera theft and reselling a path to bigger dreams 
  • The Cat Person narrative and who gets to tell the story 
  • Vice’s article addressing two worldviews of showrunning 
  • The film industry’s apprenticeship problem and how writers' rooms don’t need to be hell
  • A life of continual growth vs. the delusion you have finally arrived
  • The issue of paying people for 22-episode seasons vs. six-episode seasons
  • How DJI’s new 249-gram Mini drone skirts the law 
  • Drawbacks of sharing video files and benefits of using MASV (
  • How MASV crosses WiFi streams and backward-rigging tools for film   

Read more about the Cat Person, and the showrunning "crisis."

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