As a long-time solo videographer, I’ve always been a sucker for easy and small audio recording solutions.

Of course if you’re on bigger productions or more professional shoots you’re going to want a dedicated audio technician and professional quality microphones and devices, but when the project needs are small and nimble enough, having a simple go-to audio system in your pocket can be a huge game changer.

Which is why I was excited to see that Austrian Audio has released their new MiCreator Studio, an ultra-flexible pocket recording system that combines a condenser microphone and a USB-C audio interface into a single, easy-to-use device.

Let’s take a look at this MiCreator Studio and explore how it might be right for your run-and-gun shoots.

Introducing the MiCreator Studio

Designed to be used for a wide variety of audio needs from recording music to podcasting, or perhaps for different journalistic purposes like field recording or interviews, the MiCreator Studio isn’t a strictly video-centric product by any means.

Still, with an absolutely tiny and compact build that can actually fit in a pocket, plus decent audio quality with its condenser capsule microphone and Austrian Audio’s open acoustic technology, it should actually do the trick for small-scale video productions that might need audio a slight step up from their built-in camera microphones but don’t need a bigger setup.

The MiCreator Studio also includes three different microphone sensitivity options which include a “Low Gain” mode that can handle a max SPL up to 130 dBs. It is also set to include a line input, two headphone outputs, and a range of onboard controls and expansion options including input for connecting a second device like an instrument or a lav microphone.

Using the MiCreator Studio for Video

In truth, you might need a few of these expansion options to realistically use this device for video. In particular, the MiCreator Y-Lav Lavalier microphone would most likely be a necessary option to better mic your subjects and record them directly with the MiCreator’s latency-free monitoring.

The MiCreator System Set also comes with a satellite MiCreator microphone which can capture high-quality audio in stereo, plus the set also includes two customizable faceplates and a custom case to keep your whole setup safe and secure.

Other than those few other features though, the whole MiCreator Studio set is pretty bare-bones and easy to use. Which, if you’re operating as a solo shooter looking to record better audio without sacrificing too much time, storage space, or budget, you might find it appealing in its simplicity.

\u200bThe full MiCreator Studio Set

The full MiCreator Studio Set

Credit: Austrian Audio

Price and Availability

Also, we should mention the price. The entire MiCreator Studio which is set to include the single microphone and interface unit only costs $199.

While the higher-end audio recording devices and microphone combos aren’t too much more, this price point should be appealing to those looking to work with camera and gear budgets under $1,000, which is certainly doable in today’s camera market.

You can purchase the MiCreator Studio here, as well as explore any expansion options as well.