Last week we talked about how amazing Saul Bass posters used to be. Since trailers really only ran in front of films, posters had to draw in your eye and get you to care. Now, with trailers, thumbnails on streaming, and the fervor over teasers, it seems like cool movie posters are largely a thing of the past. 

And The Royal Ocean Film Society agrees with us. 

They made an informative video that has a bone to pick with modern posters. 

I don't think anything is more depressing than that image of all the Christmas movies with people in green and red sweaters. It feels like marketing departments have completely given up.

I know we talk about movie poster colors and why certain ones get used, but we have to find a way to break out of what we've seen over and over again.  

I think there needs to be a revolution at the studio level that makes the art of the movie poster much more of a concern. 

What are some of your favorite modern movie posters? Any good ones no one should miss? 

Let me know in the comments! 

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Source: The Royal Ocean Film Society