We can debate the merits of smartphone or iPhone filmmaking itself, regardless of whether you’re “into it” or not, but you’re probably going to want to bring in some extra tools to get the most out of your smartphone camera if you are looking to shoot high-quality, professional-looking video with an iPhone for whatever reason

One of the best tools for iPhone filmmaking in particular over the past few years has been Moment’s Pro Camera iOS app. This Pro Camera app gives iPhone users a lot more manual controls over their iPhone camera, turning it more into a de facto DSLR or mirrorless camera than before.

While you’ve always been able to work with color profiles, bitrates, dual-channel audio meters, real-time waveforms, etc… the lack had been lacking extra controls specific for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

However, thanks to a new version 5.2, this Pro Camera app will now include some key new features for working with ProRes Apple Log, 10-bit HDR and more.

Moment Pro Camera iOS App

As mentioned above, this app has been around for a bit and can be a helpful tool for professional videographers or photographers looking to get the most out of their iPhone cameras. This app’s chief calling card is its ability to unlock manual lighting controls, smoother video, longer exposures, better focus, and richer sound.

For iPhone video in particular, the app allows for different color spaces, codecs and bitrates, as well as unlocks features like RGB histograms, wave monitors, audio meters and different stabilization controls. With Camera Pro, users can also change the resolution and frame rate on screen without digging through a settings menu, and even add letterbox and de-squeeze options when shooting anamorphic (when combined with a Moment Anamorphic lens).

However, we’re here to talk about the iPhone Pro and Pro Max and how users will now, finally, be able to fully make use of Apple’s ProRes capture and Log format, which is obviously the biggest selling point for the iPhone 15 Pro (at least for those looking to shoot high-quality video).

Making the Most of Your iPhone 15 Pro

With this latest 5.2 version, Moment’s Pro Camera iOS app is now one of only a few tools out there that can support Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro camera updates. And if you are a current iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max owner, you’re probably familiar with the lack of control options for working with Apple’s ProRes Log format—which can be frustrating.

Moment’s Pro Camera app now allows users all types of new control options, including shooting in 422 ProRes Log, precise controls for video bitrate, view shots with either a RGB histogram or waveform monitor as well as added support for Dolby Vision Video and its 10-bit HDR.

According to Moment’s Pro Camera page, this new update should also make its video engine more efficient with less risk of dropped frames and reduced latency when switching cameras. There’s also some new photo features too with added support for 48MP HEIF, JPG, TIFF and ProRAW files.

Price and Availability

If you’re interested in checking it out, Moment’s Pro Camera app is available online on their website or directly from the Apple App Store here. It’s also reasonably priced and available for only $6.99, although it does include a couple of in-app purchase options which can cost an additional $3.99.