Moment has been making high-quality smartphone camera lenses for several years, but their mobile app has given users more control over the images they capture with those lenses.

Today, the company has rolled out a new update for their Moment Pro Camera App that includes exciting features like focus peaking, zebra stripes, as well as a range of integral manual controls for Android users that make smartphone filmmaking more feasible.

I've used the Moment Pro Camera App off and on for almost a year and the previous version definitely had a lot of the features you'd need if you were shooting high-quality videos, including manual control over exposure, ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and focus, not to mention 3D shutter, a live histogram, split focus, and video stabilization.

After dinking around with the updated version of the app for a few hours, I will say that I'm delighted with the addition of focus peaking and zebra stripes. It just makes the app that much more functional, especially since finding focus manually on a smartphone is virtually impossible to do in any kind of accurate way.

Key Features

  • Full manual control:
    • Exposure
    • ISO
    • Shutter speed
    • Focus
    • White balance
  • RAW files
  • Color profiles
  • Live RGB histogram
  • Waveform monitor
  • Manual focus
  • RAW burst
  • Multiple bitrates
  • Dual-channel audio meter
  • Anamorphic support



These new features do come at a cost, however. The iOS app has moved from freemium to a paid download of $5.99, and the Android app, which has always been a paid download, costs $3.99.

To sweeten the deal, Moment is offering those who download the app a 15% discount on gear bought at the Moment Shop, which now carries gear from over 20 different brands.

Source: Moment Pro