I love a good true crime doc, you guys.

I'm all serious about them, too, like...I spend more time choosing a title than I do actually watching one, and once I have found the one I want, I situate myself on my couch carefully with a blanket, pillow, and three essential pairings that I lovingly refer to as the "I've Clearly Stopped Caring Trifecta": a salty/sweet snack, oversized shirt, and sweatshorts.

This is what crime docs to do me, gang. I can't help it and you know what, neither can the rest of America.

Americans love themselves a good film about a real-life murder, a heist, a kidnapping, or an elaborate conspiratorial plot, and watching the wicked stories of these criminals unfold before us in our living rooms as we dust chip particles off of our sweatshorts turns people like Aileen Wuornos, Steven Avery, and Robert Berchtold into household names.

So in which households have these twisted tales been told the most? Which true crime doc is finding its way into the most Netflix and Hulu queues across America?

Well, a Bay-area criminal defense firm, Summit Defense, took on the case of finding out. After researching and analyzing Google search history in the U.S. over a 12-month period, these are what they found to be the most popular (or most searched-for) true crime docs in each state.

Sd-crime-doc-map-graphic-1-v3Credit: Summit Defense

Summit Defense also broke results down by region. Check it out below:

Sd-crime-doc-map-graphic-3-v1Credit: Summit Defense

Finally, here's an overall breakdown of the most searched true crime docs:

Sd-crime-doc-graphic-2-v1_0Credit: Summit Defense

I'm from Oregon and looking at the results for my state, I'm both surprised and completely unsurprised. Half of me is thinking that Team Foxcatcher came out over 3 years ago, fam...let's get with the times, while the other half is nodding and thinking, "I was always afraid of my coaches...and Oregon, especially Eugene, has a huge sports culture...and what if...one day...the coaches turn and Foxcatch our asses?"

What's the most popular true crime documentary in your state? Which docs would you lovingly and willingly wear sweatshorts for? Let us know down in the comments.

Source: Summit Defense