The global spread of COVID-19 has brought us all into some dark and unfamiliar times. All of a sudden, we're finding ourselves stocking up on TP and ramen (even the shrimp kind), making homemade hand sanitizer, and trying to find ways to preserve our sanity as we live quarantined from the outside world. 

And being filmmakers, you're all probably starting to get that familiar creative itch that won't go away until you write a script, shoot a scene, or edit a sequence. Well, you know what? What better way to fight the isolation and boredom than to make some micro-short films from the comfort of your own home?

We here at No Film School officially challenge you to make a 60-second film while on lockdown through the NFS 60 Second Film Challenge.

The NFS 60 Second Film Challenge

In hopes of giving everyone a chance to work out your creative muscles while stuck in quarantine, we challenge you to make a 60-second micro-short film inside your home.

Your movie doesn't have to be about the crisis or even take place in our world. All genres are welcome, so make docs, fantasy, action, comedy, or horror. Use VFX if you want. Use animation if you want. Make any kind of movie your beautiful imagination can come up with—just keep it to one minute or less, don't leave your house to make it, and make sure it's original material. And nothing X-Rated.

Once you're ready, upload it with the hashtag #NFS60 on YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebookwherever you upload/share it by March 30th, 11:59 PM (PT).

Please use the hashtag - it's the only way we can find them!

You can put it in the title or the video description on YouTube. 

If your NFS profile has 50 points, you can even share the link to your video down in the comments section of this post. Our staff will share some of their favorites on the site, so be sure to upload and share them by then.

We can't wait to take a look at what you've made!

If you need some help to get started, our very own Jason Hellerman shared a few tips on how to write a 1-minute short film.

A Quick Note

Again, and we can't stress this enough, even if you're not on a strict quarantine, don't go rounding up your filmmaking buddies to shoot in public.

Practice social distancing.

Be smart. 

Be safe. 

Wash your hands. 

And let these dark times inspire your brightest ideas.