Here at Sundance, we get to meet emerging filmmakers and watch their creative, original, risk-taking films at the Sundance Film Festival. Not only are we networking and enjoying amazing films, but we are bringing some fun surprises to the festival this year.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins, Ryan Koo, and Jo Light discuss:

  • Why the Sundance volunteers are so important to the spirit of the festival
  • Running into people we haven’t seen in over a decade
  • Hosting a No Film School party at Sundance this year
  • An online giveaway for No Film School listeners
  • Films we love and films we have mixed feelings about
  • Being unexpectedly moved by a beautiful zombie film
  • An unconventional pairing that gives a fresh perspective on love
  • Stories that encourage us to bring more originality to our work
  • Being independent from what’s considered “commercially viable”
  • Why you need to watch the documentary lineup at Sundance


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