These days in self-isolation are just flyin' by, aren't they? They're "zooming" (get it, because of Zoom?) by so fast that we can't believe it's been almost a month since we called on all of you to take part in our No Film School 60 Second Film Challenge.

Well, we've spent that time tracking down and watching nearly 200 excellent submissions from our very talented NFS community.

Now we want you all to take a look at what your fellow NFS'rs made while on lockdown with little more than a camera and some free time.

You can watch the majority of the NFS60 micro shorts in our YouTube playlist below. For those posted on Vimeo, however, you can check out the NFS60 Vimeo channel. (We'll embed a dedicated Vimeo showcase once it's available.)

Here are all of the NFS60 submissions. Click the links to watch 'em!

What's Next?

We came up with NFS60 to encourage and inspire our community to create something in the midst of these limiting, uncertain times, but we don't plan on stopping here.

Soon we'll post a list of ones our editorial staff and team of writers feel highlight specific skills or techniques. 

Plus... like everything in filmmaking these days... there will be a sequel. And a prequel. And a reboot. 

Which is just to say, this is an appetizer. YOU all went above and beyond. The next iterations of NFS60 will be exciting and we can't wait to roll them out and see what you do next. 

Keep creating!

Don't see your NFS60 film on the list? Is your name misspelled? Just need to vent to our editorial staff? Shoot us an email ( and we'll get you squared away.