Perhaps a surprise to some, Nikon’s new Zf retro-style camera has become one of the most popular cameras on the market. However, with solid video and photo specs and a very ergonomic (and cool-looking) design, it shouldn’t be too shocking that the Nikon Zf is set up to be one of the more popular cameras heading into the holiday season.

Plus, you know, its $1,996.95 price point doesn’t hurt too much either.

Still, despite its initial success, the Nikon Zf isn’t hasn’t been a perfect camera—at least not just yet. As with any new camera release these days, there have been a few bugs and issues, and there’s also been a rather glaring lack of a certain feature.

But now, with a new firmware update officially ready, the Nikon Zf is set to finally get a slow-motion video recording, as well as a few other fixes. Let’s take a look at everything new coming to the Nikon Zf with firmware update version 1.10.

Nikon Zf Firmware Update 1.10

As mentioned above, we’ve seen a lot of firmware updates as of late for recent camera releases. Without naming names, a few have been pretty major and aimed at correcting some pretty major issues. However, as far as first firmware updates go, this update for the Zf is pretty tame by comparison.

The biggest new feature coming to the Nikon Zf is the much-anticipated addition of slow-motion video recording. As advertised, this new feature will make use of the Zf’s 24.5MP FX-Format BSI CMOS sensor and its UHD 4K, and, more specifically, its Full HD video recording.

This firmware update 1.10 is also set to fix a few issues, including one where the viewfinder live display may not show correctly under some conditions. (I’ve seen a few comments online saying this has already fixed some dark viewfinder issues specifically.)

Nikon Zf Mirrorless Camera

Designed for modern-day content creators, the Nikon Zf Mirrorless Camera delivers full-frame image quality and UHD 4K video recording in a classic-looking retro-styled camera body.


Nikon Zfc Firmware Update 1.50

Alongside their new firmware update for their popular Zf camera, Nikon has also released a new firmware update for their little sibling Zfc camera as well. This firmware update 1.50 for the Zfc should also bring some helpful new fixes and features to this tag-along companion version of the Zf, which’s actually quite capable itself—even with a low $856.95 price point.

Firmware update 1.50 will add support for a new, not yet announced EN-EL25a rechargeable Li-ion battery which should be coming out here soon. We don’t know too much about this new battery just yet honestly, but there’s a chance that it might actually be connected to a new Nikon camera as well.

But we’ll just have to wait and see on this one.

Nikon Zfc Mirrorless Camera

Blending classic looks with modern performance, the Nikon Zfc checks off all the boxes on a content creator's wish list: stylish and sleek retro design, impressive image quality with the Z mirrorless system flexibility, and it's optimized for vlogging and video applications.


How to Download Nikon Firmware Updates

As with most cameras these days, downloading and uploading firmware updates is quite easy now. You can find firmware updates for any Nikon cameras or products on their website here. And you can specifically download the 1.10 firmware update for the Nikon Zf here. (And the Nikon Zfc update here.)