If there's one movie I keep coming back to over and over again for numerous reasons, it's No Country for Old Men. The movie has so much depth of theme, character, and emotion that it's perfect to examine in every facet of artistry. 

Another aspect that sort of goes unnoticed is how much fun actors had on the set of this movie with the Coens. Sure, this is a dark, brooding, and serious film. But the behind-the-scenes footage shows them all vibing to make something spectacular. 

This video from Josh Brolin was originally on the collector's edition Blu-ray bonus features. It features cast and crew interview snippets and behind-the-scenes footage. There are interviews with Joel and Ethan Coen, cast members, production supervisor Karen Getchell, and associate producer Dave Diliberto

It's fun, check it out! 

Watch Josh Brolin's Unauthorized Coen Brothers Doc on No Country for Old Men 

It's hard not to smile while watching the documentary. I loved the congenial attitude on set and how open the Coens are with their thought and filmmaking process. Another cool thing was seeing how they did some of the stunts and effects. The practical use of gunshot wounds that spurt and the crew actually pulling the truck as they break the window for the gunshot effect ultimately stood out to me as relatively cheap things to do that feel much more high-budget. 

I think a project like this short doc also speaks volumes about how much Brolin liked being on set. His behind-the-scenes work accentuates his performance. You can see how deep he got into his character's mindset and how much he fell in love with making the movie. 

Hearing Woody Harrelson and Javier Bardem's talking head portion help put into context the way the guys directed them as well. The set felt loose for such a taut movie. They really let the actors work and make their own choices, guiding them when needed, but giving them elbow room to be themselves. 

What were your favorite parts? Let me know in the comments.