This year No Film School hosted an alumni party at Sundance to bring the community together in person at the Canon Creative Studio. The connections made at the party truly embody the ethos behind No Film School - accessibility, humility, and vulnerability.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins, Ryan Koo, and Jo Light discuss:

  • The amazing energy in the room at the No Film School Alumni Party
  • Seeing the community expand into more film groups across the country
  • Why we love the commitment of filmmakers who continue to create stories
  • Resources for filmmakers outside of Los Angeles and New York
  • More films we enjoyed at the festival
  • Not having specific festival goals and letting opportunities happen naturally
  • Some of our magical festival moments
  • Advice we would give to our younger selves


No Film School's coverage of Sundance 2024 is brought to you by Canon.