Since its release almost a year ago, we've all heard about the wonders of the iPhone 7 camera, with its ability to shoot RAW DNG files, wider F1.8 aperture, high speed 12MP sensor and dual wide-angle/telephoto system. The camera even held its own in a test against the RED Weapon. But, as with most cameras, in order to get the most out of it, you need the right lenses and accessories. olloclip has long been a leader in iPhone lenses, and the company has now hooked up with Incase, a brand known for its protective laptop sleeves, to put everything you need for your next iPhone production in one place: the Filmer’s Kit.

A statement from olloclip points out, "A rig made up of five different lenses and a video grip once took a backpack or rolling case to carry, but today it all fits in an ultra-portable case taking up a fraction of the space."  Of course, there are still plenty of rigs that will require large luggage, but if you're filming with iPhone 7 or 7 Plus this custom kit will come in very handy.

olloclip filmers kitolloclip and Incase limited-edition Filmer’s Kit

The Filmer’s Kit includes:

  • Core Lens Set (Fisheye, Super-Wide & Macro 15x lenses)
  • Active Lens Set (Telephoto & Ultra-Wide lenses)
  • Pivot articulating mobile video grip, which offers 225 degree rotation
  • Carrying case

The combination will save you some cash, too. Currently, the individual parts without the case will run you $270, but the whole shebang including case is retailing for $199. Here's the catch: only 2000 of these babies were released into the world, and they are available exclusively at Apple stores, so you best get one while they're hot.