There's nothing I love more than to do an exceptionally deep read into a film. And there is no film primed for deeper reads than Parasite. We've talked about the insane ending of the movie and even shown you how Bong Joon-ho had the infamous Park family house built

But Director Bong's genius runs deeper than all that. 

Every time he makes a movie, he reuses strategies he has perfected in other films to make sure the message of his work is received. 

That makes Parasite an amalgamation of all the best lessons he has learned throughout the course of time. 

And probably what makes the movie so special.  

Director Bong is obsessed with asking questions and using similar camera angles, shots, and even plot reveals to push his audience across each film. 

But one of them had a particular effect on Parasite

Check out this incredible video essay from Insider and let's talk after. 

All the Times Bong Joon-Ho References Snowpiercer in Parasite

If you watched the video you know that it's amazing to see the shot by shot recreation, especially from Snowpiercer to Parasite. Movement, blocking, staging, angles, morals, and reveals all mirror each other. 

This is not an insane idea as much as it is a surprising one. 

Which kind of makes sense when you realize the theme of both is class warfare. 

But getting scenes of people living in secret places, perpetuating classism, and struggling to get their family the food and shelter they need to survive is very interesting, especially when both those movies come from the same director. 

This even carries over into the motifs as well. 

And it's not just the story. It's wild seeing the same camera moves and angles combined to tell virtually the same journey in the story. I don't know whether to applaud or have my jaw hang open for these stunning comparisons.

While we knew Snowpiercer and Parasite would be a helluva double feature, this video got a lot of emotions from me. 

Knowing how Director Bong was neutered by Weinstein on Snowpiercer always made me mad. I wondered if and when we would ever see that movie as he originally intended. And now we can, in a way, by watching Parasite

What's next? Read the Parasite screenplay

Parasite swept most of the major awards at the Oscars and now you can glean some storytelling lessons from its creator.