In the works for well over a year, acclaimed cinematographer and YouTuber Philip Bloom has finally been able to announce his new partnership with British filter manufacturer Formatt Hitech to launch his own signature line of “Bloom Gold” diffusion filters.

With a focus on taking away harshness and making your images more natural and organic, these new Gold Bloom filters are set to have a subtle warming tone and work beautifully under all lighting conditions.

Let’s take a look at this collaboration and explore if these Bloom Gold diffusion filters might be right for you and your cinematography needs.

A New Partnership Emerges

Known for their Firecrest Cine and Firecrest Ultra filter lineups, Formatt Hitech is a respected manufacturer in the filter space and a great choice for Bloom to collaborate with for his own signature line.

As you can see in Bloom’s introduction video, this project and opportunity is one to which Bloom feels closely connected and was able to tailor hyper-specifically to what he wants in his diffusion filters.

Not known to attach his name to just any product, Bloom has built a solid reputation in the film and cinematography community for his inspirational and informative YouTube channel over the years, offering hands-on camera reviews and deep insights into the craft of cinematography.

Outside of this new partnership with Formatt Hitech, Bloom previously partnered with Kessler Crane for his own signature series Pocket Dolly Slider which was well-received and true to his brand as a cinematography and the company’s product line.

Philip Bloom’s Diffusion Filters

\u200bSample images of the Bloom Gold diffusion filter

Sample images of the Bloom Gold diffusion filter

Credit: Formatt Hitech

Looking back specifically at these new diffusion filters though, it feels like this is even more so a perfect partnership between brands as Bloom is so well known for his soft and highly-focused cinematography, which you can see shine through in all of his videos and reviews.

These Formatt Hitech Bloom Gold diffusion filters are circular screw-on filters which are set to release as a set of five and range from 49mm to 82mm. The line will also offer various strengths including 1/8th, 1/4th and 1/2 with a focus on providing warmth with a more affordable price and accessible design than traditional matte box-style filters.

According to Formatt Hitech, these filters are set to be made from Schott B270i optical glass and will be hand-finished in the UK, along with offering different color options for the outside of the ring between black and gold.

Price and Availability

Bloom Gold filters

A look at some of the different Bloom Gold options

Credit: Formatt Hitech

The Bloom Gold diffusion filters are available online now on Formatt Hitech’s site. Here are the purchase links and prices for the different options:

If you’re interested in trying these diffusion filters for your own projects, and supporting a great cinematography (and valuable videography community member) in Philip Bloom in the process, you should definitely check these out.