When it comes to capable on-camera monitors, Portkeys is one of our favorite brands. Their no-fuss, budget-friendly solutions make monitoring easy when shooting out in the field or in your cush at-home studio. 

In fact, their LH5 series is perfect for many mirrorless setups with a bright 1700nit monitor for only $399.

But like any other company, innovation is key to growth, and Portkeys has introduced the BM5 series, which includes the BM5 iii and the newly announced BM5 WR. The difference between the two is the BM5 WR has a built-in wireless control module that allows you to control the RED Komodo wirelessly. Let's take a look. 

Portkeys_bm5wr_backCredit: Portkeys

The BM5 WR features a 5.5" bright 2200nit monitor supporting 1920x1080 resolution. And we already know what you're thinking. Is it 8-bit, 8+2FRC, or 10-bit? Well, Johnny Ringo, it's 8+2 FRC. For connections, it has HDMI in as well as a 3G-SDI in/out. While it doesn't have an HDMI loop through, the monitor supports HDMI to SDI out, and for longer runs, SDI is often preferred. The SDI and HDMI inputs both support up to 1920x1080 60p. 

Like the BM5 iii, it features all the standard assist tools we've grown to expect including focus assist, exposure assist, zebra, histogram, waveform, vectorscope, image overlay, image capture, audio meters, 3D-LUT, and a new peaking focus assist. Portkeys says the new algo "can accurately capture subtle facial focus" and  "IRE can be set freely for ARRI false color."

What sets the BM5 WR apart from the BM5 iii is wireless control. The built-in module allows you to connect to the RED Komodo via Wi-Fi to control various functions via touchscreen in real-time. Parameters such as record, iris, shutter, ISO, and autofocus. 

Portkeys_bm5wr_2Credit: Portkeys

While the monitor only supports RED Komodo via Wi-Fi, the BM5 WR can control several cameras through a wired connection including Blackmagic URSA Mini cameras, the Canon C70, Sony a7S III, Z CAM, and more. The unit can also control Blackmagic Pocket cameras wirelessly through a Bluetooth connection. We can see Portkeys adding more cameras in the future. 

The BM5 WR is made from an aluminum alloy body and has an anti-fingerprint touchscreen to keep things smudge-free. It also has 1/4-20" connections on the top and bottom of the unit and several wired connections for camera control (LANC, USB, Multi). 

The BM5 WR is priced at $599. However, if you don't need the wireless control, the BM5 iii is available for $499.