What are some tips and tricks that get you writing? Do you have prompts that always light your fire? What about certain times of day you dedicate to writing?

As writers, we all go through different ups and downs when it comes to our process and progress. Turns out, Paul Thomas Anderson is just like us. In this video from The Narrative Art, Anderson explains his current writing process. 

What Does Paul Thomas Anderson Have to Say about His Writing Process?

This is a refreshing thing to hear. Even the greats struggle with the work.

As Anderson says, he has to work really hard for his stories. No matter what, he has to find himself in the chair in front of his laptop. Sure, things might not get written that day, but the only way pages come out of him is if he puts in the work and effort  

His process is showing up and trying to be the best he can be every day. Sure, there are times when the ideas and world will just dawn on you and the writing will be super easy, but that comes as a result of chaining yourself to the desk and doing the work.

Now, he is aware some people can write in diners and cars and out on the street, but he says this process is what cracked it for him. When he is present as much as possible, good things happen. 

If Paul Thomas Anderson has to find a routine, maybe you should too! But no matter what, you have to choose what works for you. Get into the groove. What are some of your favorite writing tips that get you in the zone? 

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Source: The Narrative Art