Between John Wick and every single music video of the last five years, colorful LED tubes have come to be a dominant and empowering element in the filmmakers toolkit for creating diverse, striking, powerful looks. However, one element that is frequently complicated with the lighting units is running power to them, since they are small units designed to be seen in shot or hidden in a set. Therefore, bulky cable runs can often interfere with production design or show up in shot.

While some units come with built-in batteries, that makes most filmmakers nervous since those batteries could die in the middle of a take. External power is ideal, but it's not always possible to get AC power depending on your location. If you are working in a field, forest, or even an abandoned house, you aren't going to have easy AC access. You will need to run DC power, meaning running your units off of batteries.

To that end Quasar has rolled out an entirely new line of DC power accessories to make lighting up your rainbow units easier in the field. 



Built around locking amphenol connectors, they are designed to be robust, relatively weatherproof, and to give filmmakers the flexibility to power their tubes in more creative ways. For instance, splitters; rather than having to attach a single battery for each unit, Quasar users can now get splitters that allow them to use a single battery for multiple units at the same time. This convenience makes it easier for users to watch power levels, hide cables on a set, and keep the lights running. Combine that with extension cables and it should be possible to put the lights wherever you need them, while still being able to put your battery units in a place that is convenient and safe.


Speaking of batteries, the new DC accessories work with 2F1-Mount Block Batteries, V-Mount, or Gold Mount Batteries in either 12v or 26v configurations. Quasar does make their own linear tube batteries, which are shaped similar to the tube lights and compatible with rigging systems for tube light. But the ability to use batteries you likely already own, batteries that are interchangeable with other units on your set, makes most workflows easier. V-mount is rapidly emerging as the default standard for LED lighting units on set, and the ability to work with those batteries is especially appreciated.


Available now, check out that Quasar site for more info.

  • Amphenol Connectors to 2.1mm
  •  2F1-Mount Block Batteries, V-Mount, or Gold Mount Batteries
  • 12 or 26V