What does it look like to advocate for yourself as a creator? Well, it starts with understanding your value and knowing where you can serve. Then, you have to develop the courage to articulate and offer your expertise. This is exactly what Shakina did to land the role of executive story editor on the NBC series, Quantum Leap.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins speaks with multihyphenate creator, Shakina, to discuss:

  • How she got her start as a storyteller
  • Why framing is just as important in theater as it is on TV
  • How her experience as a trans person helps her write for Quantum Leap
  • What it’s like to work with new cast members every week
  • Why the coming out scene in “The Family Treasure” episode was so powerful
  • Telling ground-breaking nuanced stories that are unprecedented
  • Making queer stories more comfortable and less “threatening” for audiences
  • The fast-paced yet collaborative nature of writers' rooms
  • Advocating for herself in various roles on set
  • Creating space for characters we don’t normally see on television


Quantum Leap "The Family Treasure"

Difficult People

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