A Quiet Place was the big sleeper horror movie hit of 2018. Screenwriters Scott Beck and Bryan Woods' original idea (rewritten and directed by John Krazinski) inspired fans and execs everywhere to look for the next round of "contained, low-budget horror movie" to help people find similar success to that of Beck and Woods.

But this success was not of the overnight variety. In fact, the screenwriting duo have been very transparent on Twitter about the steps they took -- and all the "No's" they got -- on the way to being writers that can get into rooms easier than before. They recently tweeted the below, which chronicles the highs and lows of how they achieved the career they currently have. Trigger warning for aspiring or lower-level screenwriters: You will relate to this A LOT.

"Turn every class project into an opportunity to film something" and "Get rejected by many managers but sign with one" resonate very deeply over here. It's rare for the successful to share their trials and errors; we don't get to see that, behind the curtain, they are struggling just as much as we are to get where all of us want to be.

What You Can Learn

We are all in this boat together. Some of us just have better seats or fancier oars. 

And no one is gonna stop you from writing other than you. The gatekeeps have less power than you think or feel, and the self-doubt thoughts? The anxiety? While we validate the sh** out of them, know that thoughts and feelings aren't reality. 

Luck and talent and ambition and perseverance are the only constants in most "breaking in" stories. Latch on to yours for the long haul and don't give up on yourself.